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Your Products in Our Hands

One of our passions is helping others realize theirs. The chance to create someone’s ideal product is an excellent way to use our skills in new ways. Let us work with you to make something beautiful.

Product Development

We can help you design your own custom product and make your vision a reality. Our trained team of formulation and analytical chemist will help to develop a variety of samples for your approval. We love to develop new products.


We can help you manufacture almost any product. We special in concentrates and end product formulations. We provide a variety of post-processing services including curing, decarb, winterization, and distillation. We can also help with manufacturing of other products including tinctures, topicals, vapes, softgels, and edibles.


We can either provide product in bulk or we can package into a finished product. We use automated equipment to help save on time and labor.

Extraction Services

We offer extraction services at each of our locations. We offer a variety of extractions including Ice hash, hydrocarbon, and ethanol. Our batch sizes start at 3.5 lbs and we can process up to 500lbs per day. Additional post-processing and curing services available as technology to ensure products are free of any kind of pesticides or contamination from crude or distillate.

White Labeling

From Formulation to Distribution, We got You Covered – So You Can Focus on Growing Your Brand

Private Labeling

Whether you are looking to add new products to your line up or launch a new brand we have the formulations and products to help you be successful. We offer a variety of private label products using our most popular formulations. We currently offer THC/CBD Vapes, Concentrates, Topicals, and tinctures.

Terpene Formulation

Using our in house analytical testing laboratory we can analyze your cannabis and provide a custom profile specific to your strain. Alternatively, we provide custom terpene formulations that are specific to flavors, effect or strains. Our terpene formulations can be custom tailored for the specific type of end product including vapes, tinctures, ecig, topicals, and edibles.

Compliance / Packing

Our team of designers and scientists will not only design your packaging, we can also assist you in procuring and designing state compliant childproof packaging. We work with industry leaders in packaging solutions to ensure your packaging is not only aesthetically top noche but also safe to keep you out of any related trouble.

From Seed to sale


We are consultants and advocates for the industry. We work with a variety of partners to help expand operations across borders. We can help with compliance, SOP’s, design, and development of facilities, operations, and manufacturing. Our processes and recommendations ensure a safe working environment and production of the world’s finest concentrates.

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